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Walk through the spring with you -- Nanzhi
Yan ran took the mobile phone to Xiao Ziyi: "plus me, a total of five people.". It also includes Youyou, and the other three people are actually quite reliable. He also introduced to Xiao Ziyi the names, occupations, and family situations of everyone in the group. After hearing this, Xiao Ziyi felt a little strange, "How can they all be civil servants?" Yan Ran said: I was forced to take the exam by my family. They are all good at taking exams, and they can take exams better than me. This girl used to be the top scholar in the province, and she was Lu Dan's school sister. Xiao Ziyi was very surprised: "How do you know so many girls who can't be hit by eight poles?" Yan Ran: "Where is the eight poles can not hit?"? Now people spend so much time on the Internet and socialize on the Internet. In fact, I think it's easier to meet like-minded people. Xiao Ziyi asked sincerely, "What are your similar interests?" "They like to play games and dress up, and I like to take pictures, so I can take pictures for them," Yan said. Besides, they all know my sexual orientation and respect my sexual orientation. I think it's good. Of course, the most important thing is that they are single and have money and leisure to play together. There used to be another group, but after those friends had a partner, they basically had no time to chat with me. I think friends, to maintain friendship for a long time, also need time to communicate. Like me, after I was with you,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, I basically didn't speak in the group. I felt very guilty. When I was sad before, they all comforted me and spent a lot of time with me. In particular, he had a conflict with his family, and then went to work in an unfamiliar place in Guizhou for more than a year, all with the support of friends, otherwise he felt that he would not be able to persist. Yan ran, holding his mobile phone, sent a picture of Xiao Ziyi to the group,Nail Making Machine price, which was taken for Xiao Ziyi when he went to Lugu Lake before. Xiao Ziyi is a person who cares about himself very much. He used to hate others to take pictures secretly. Naturally, he also cares about his photos being sent out randomly. But after listening to Yan Ran talking about his friends, Xiao Ziyi doesn't mind Yan Ran showing his photos to his friends, because this is Yan Ran introducing himself to his most important friend, which is of great significance to Yan ran. As soon as Yan Ran sent out the photo, he got a lot of rainbow farts. Everyone praised Yan Ran for keeping the clouds open and seeing the moon bright. He embraced such a beautiful woman and applauded. There was a happy atmosphere in the group. Yan ran saw that everyone saw it, so he quickly withdrew the picture. A bunch of ".." appeared in the group. Yan Ran replied, "He didn't like to send out the photos, so I withdrew them.". "Ran Ran, we think you just don't want us to see your husband more, so you withdraw. It's none of your husband's business." Yan Ran replied, "I'm going to bed to get rid of being single. Good night." Because Yan ran held his mobile phone and typed in Xiao Ziyi's arms, Xiao Ziyi read the contents of his group thoroughly. When he saw the last sentence of Yan ran, Xiao Ziyi was stunned for a moment, Nail production machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, only to realize that Yan ran was very cheap when chatting with his friends. Yan ran's department, because most of the other colleagues have families and children, many of them have to go back to their husbands or their parents'hometown for the Spring Festival, so most of them will take a rest in the Spring Festival, take an early vacation back to their hometown, and take a job back to their hometown to deal with it. Yan ran could do that before, but now he's a leader, so he can't take a vacation at this time. He must stay in the company until the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month and be on duty until the last minute. Xiao Ziyi told his parents about Yan Ran, who would return to M City to reunite with his parents Chinese New Year's Eve and on the first day of the New Year, and then go out to Dunhuang with Xiao Ziyi on the second day. Xiao Ziyi could have taken an early vacation for the Spring Festival, but because Yan Ran was on duty in S City, he did not take an early vacation. This is the case for Wu Lan and Xiao Jingren to see Xiao Ziyi and Yan Ran. Wu Lan took a supplementary vacation ahead of time and came to S city with Xiao Jingren. In this way, he could hold a reunion banquet ahead of time. Xiao Ziyi and Yan Ran came to eat together. Chinese New Year's Eve, Xiao Ziyi went back to M city with his parents and went to his uncle's house to celebrate the festival. Because Wu Lan and Xiao Jingren came, Yan ran and Xiao Ziyi moved to Xiao Ziyi's new house. Xiao Ziyi originally wanted to book a restaurant to have a reunion banquet, but Wu Lan and Xiao Jingren both felt that it was more interesting to do it at home, so Xiao Ziyi and Yan Ran agreed to their approach. Wu Lan and Xiao Jingren went home to buy a lot of New Year's goods, pasted Spring Festival couplets at home, and cooked New Year's dishes at home, fried balls, fried fish fillets, fried crisp meat, fried mushrooms and so on. Xiao Ziyi helped at home and kept shooting videos to Yan Ran, who was still on duty. The more Yan Ran watched, the hungrier he became. When he finally got off work, he drove home quickly. When Yan ran changed his home clothes in the bedroom, Xiao Ziyi went to get fried fish fillets for him to eat. Floor heating was turned on at home, and floor heating was also turned on in the upstairs households, which led to the temperature in the house reaching more than 20 degrees. Xiao Ziyi only wore a short-sleeved T-shirt and thin trousers, which was less than in summer. Yan ran bit the fillet in his hand and said, "Your father is really good at cooking.". You should learn technology from him. Xiao Ziyi did not respond to him. He wiped his hands with a paper towel from the stool beside the sofa and bowed his head to kiss Yan Ran. Yan Ran let him kiss him. Seeing that he didn't want to put it down, he pulled up his pants. He freed his hand and quickly pushed Xiao Ziyi. "Don't mess around. What if your parents see it? Pay attention to the influence." "They won't come into our room," said Xiao Ziyi. Yan ran gave him a supercilious look: "Then what do you want to do?" Xiao Ziyi laughed at him and said, "What else do you want to eat? I'll bring it to you." Yan ran said, "I won't let you take it. I'll eat it myself." Xiao Ziyi said, "Then you go and help me get some." Yan ran himself ran to the kitchen, the kitchen is quite big, inside at this time is the fragrance of all kinds of fried food, Yan ran only felt that his saliva secretion is exuberant, simply can eat a cow. He thought, fortunately, Xiao Ziyi's parents changed the kind of decoration design that Xiao Ziyi originally wanted, otherwise there would be such a good thing for parents to cook a big meal at this time? As soon as Yan ran entered the kitchen, Wu Lan, who was dealing with vegetables, said with a smile, "Ran Ran,wire nail machine manufacturers, what do you want to eat?"? Now you can eat some freshly fried. Yan Ran said, "Teacher Xiao is really good at cooking." "Then eat a little more," said Xiao Jingren. Yan ran took a plate with a plate of food and went to eat with Xiao Ziyi.
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