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Tiger Wife Rabbit Xianggong by Zhuxi
"Hey!" Lei Yinshuang answered, rolled up his sleeves and rushed out of the inn, but was pulled by the third sister. "Third Sister shook her head." You're welcome, "she said. With these words, he went out from behind the counter. In the lobby of the hotel, several guests who stayed in the hotel did not know what was going on, and they could not help poking their heads out of the hotel curiously. There was a wiry old lady standing in the street, with her arms akimbo, cursing at the inn from a distance. Seeing Third Sister come out, the woman immediately pounced on her fiercely and stretched out her hand to twist Third Sister's ear. As soon as Third Sister dodged, she screamed, "It's against you!"! I'm your mother-in-law, and I can't teach you a lesson?! With these words, he stretched out his hand and twisted it on Third Sister. Third Sister dodged her hand and said in a cold voice, "Don't you want this month's household expenses?!" The woman was stupefied and immediately shrank her hand. Although her hand no longer greeted the third sister, her mouth was still not clean and scolded some ugly words such as "hook wild man". Third Sister, as if she had not heard,cosmetic packaging wholesale, turned around and went into the small medicine shop next to the inn. The woman, however, still followed her relentlessly, cursing until the male guests in the inn were embarrassed to avoid their eyes. When the woman saw that Third Sister only thought she didn't exist, she couldn't help being more and more angry. She followed Third Sister step by step, and the words she scolded became more and more unbearable to the ear. "You're a funeral star. You don't want to kill my son,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, but you still want to starve me and your brother-in-law to death!"! Who doesn't know that your grandfather left all his belongings to you, but you will cry poor with me every day! I wear gold and silver hooks three and four, but I'm dressed like this! Don't think I don't know what you're thinking. You just think that if I die one day, you can remarry. I tell you, I won't let you remarry even if I live for a thousand years! You think I don't know what you mean by drilling into the inn next door every day, but you just like the wealth of others and want to be a little girl in the past. It's a pity that you fawn on others every day, and they don't want to look at you! You coquettish hoof. Just as she was beginning to scold, someone suddenly put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her body in a circle. The old lady lost her footing and nearly fell. She looked up and was about to curse, but she stared at a pair of round tiger eyes. Try to scold again! Lei Yinshuang stretched out her white fist at her. Although the fist looked white and powerless, Mrs. Cai had experienced the power of it and immediately shut up. As soon as she choked, she suddenly sat down on the ground and splashed it. She patted the ground and cried, "You all bullied me, Blue Bottle Serum ,glass cream jars, a widow. You took a fancy to my third mother and wanted to take her as a child. I wouldn't let her go. You bullied me like this. There's no justice.." Fortunately, by this time they had already entered the drugstore and had not been laughed at in the street. As soon as she cried like this, she couldn't help asking Lei Yinshuang to twist her eyebrows and lift her feet just as she was about to carry the woman, but she asked Third Sister to stop her quickly. Shuangshuang! The third sister shouted at her. Pointing at the woman, Lei Yinshuang said angrily to Third Sister, "Eat and drink what you have, and ruin your reputation. Why don't I kick her to death?"! Also call this world a little more pure! Third Sister was afraid that she would kick her out. She hugged her arm and shook her head. "It's not worth it to take on a life lawsuit for this kind of person," she said. The woman was still a little afraid, but when she heard Third Sister say this, she immediately became arrogant again. She took the initiative to throw herself at Lei Yinshuang's feet and shouted, "You kick, you kick, you kick me to death!" As soon as she shouted, Lei Yinshuang pulled back his feet, pushed away Third Sister, who was holding her arm, bent over and lifted the woman up from the ground like a chicken. Then he turned to the crowd crowded at the door of the pharmacy and said with a smile, "Look at what she said. I'm just playing a joke on her. I took it seriously.". Granny Cai, you are too stupid. As he spoke, he kindly patted Mrs. Cai on the ashes on her clothes, but then took the opportunity to pat her on the ashes and whispered in her ear, "You think I'm stupid, killing people in front of everyone." She stepped back and added with a smile, "However, I advise my mother-in-law not to stay alone at night.". The Jin River next to our town is not covered. Be careful that one day you accidentally fall into it and swell your bastard shell. She shrugged her shoulders at the pale Mrs. Tsai in a westernized manner, then spread out her hands and said with a smile, "That has nothing to do with me." Mrs. Cai was stupefied to understand the threat in her voice. She immediately turned around and screamed at the crowd of onlookers: "You all heard it, you all heard it?!"! She threatened to kill me! The fat uncle who followed him raised his hand and scratched his forehead. "Why didn't I hear that?" He asked? I heard our landlady kindly remind you not to walk at night, and be careful to fall into the Jin River and drown like your son. Right He laughed back at the crowd of onlookers. It could be seen that Mrs. Tsai was not a good person at ordinary times. The crowd of onlookers all echoed the fat uncle with a nod of "yes." And the old neighbor who knew everything pointed directly at the woman and said, "Your son didn't learn well by himself. He gambled and drank with others and drowned in the Jinhe River. He dragged our third sister down for a lifetime, but he still had the face to say that third sister was a husband!"! Don't you think about what it was like when your family came to our town, more like beggars than beggars, so poor! Now you have a house to live in and food to eat, and you rely on Third Sister to support your family, but you still don't know how to be grateful and bully our Third Sister to death. Do you really think there are no living people in Jianghe Town?! When all the people on this side criticized the woman with one word, Jiang Weiqing, who was caught in the crowd and looked at the excitement, could not help but be surprised. He had never seen such a neighbor again. Whether it was what he overheard,30ml Dropper Bottle, what Mater's grandmother had said to Tiger, or what people were now accusing the woman of, it made him feel very fresh.
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