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The reborn daughter-in-law dressed as a mother-in-law
Reform and opening up, so that the sleeping China/Xia mainland entered a period of rapid economic development, but when the economy took off, the construction of spiritual civilization was left behind. Hua/Xia, who boasts of being a state of etiquette, has been blackmailed more than once to help an old man who has fallen down, and there are all kinds of incidents of touching porcelain, so that even if someone really falls down, they dare not come forward to help him. Isn't this the sorrow of the whole Chinese/Xia nation. And the shocking food safety. Zhao Qingru's heart is still very uncomfortable, but in the end do not want their future children to live in such an indifferent society where bad people grow old. Also at this moment, Zhao Qingru just a little understand, why her mother-in-law occasionally laments the days of the late seventies, although most of the days are still not well-off, at least this heart is not so bad. Later, until dawn, Zhao Qingru was still in the study, "chatting" with the old gentleman. Until Tang Yue Song came to knock on the door and reminded the old man that breakfast was ready. Although there was no rest all night, the old gentleman looked in good spirits, but Zhao Qingru had two more faint black eyes at the moment, just like the national treasure panda. This night, to be exact, was only after midnight, and for the old gentleman, the harvest was undoubtedly more fruitful than ever before. As for Zhao Qingru, she seems to be quite satisfied. The old gentleman promised to give Zhao Qingru a chance,Inflatable bouncer, as long as he could meet the requirements, he would give Zhao Qingru part of the military list. Although it is only an oral promise, and there are preconditions, Zhao Qingru is still very satisfied. No way, who let her now, in addition to full of ideas, want nothing, even the most basic production plant and related machinery and equipment that ghost did not see. Of course, there are still some supplies in the secret warehouse. But this material is not enough, at best,Inflatable dry slide, it is just a sample. For the time being, Zhao Qingru may be planning to take it out. After all, she had killed her own secret warehouse, which was so big and had a lot of things, but it was easy to reveal the truth. Such a big piece of cake, Zhao Qingru a specific person is unable to eat, even if it is the Zhao family and the Xu family, I am afraid there will be indigestion. Therefore, in addition to the Zhao family and the Xu family, Zhao Qingru intends to count the Jiang family and the Song family as in-laws. Although there are many people, it is easy to have contradictions, but it also means that the grasshoppers tied together, when the time comes, all will be prosperous and all will be damaged. Jiang family, is the father-in-law of the sea cousin, Jiang family old man and Xu family old man, that is, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable indoor park, Zhao Qingru's grandfather, from the time of the ancestors is a difficult brother and brother to start a business together. As for the Song family, it is the mother's home of the old lady of the Zhao family. The old man of the Song family, who was the eldest brother of the old lady, although Zhao Qingru had only seen him a few times in a hurry, he was not too impressed by the old man who had a stubborn and lovely temper. And the Chen family.. On this day, Zhao Qingru's brother and sister had a simple breakfast Beancurd Jelly fried dough sticks and cakes on the old man's side, and then went straight to the military hospital to see their cheap father Zhao Fu. When Zhao Qingru's brother and sister arrived, Zhao's father just woke up. It can be seen that Zhao's father really did not hurt too badly, at least after seeing Zhao Qingru's brother and sister, Zhao's father did not even have a good look, and scolded his eldest son. Father Zhao scolded his eldest son for almost a quarter of an hour in one breath, with only one central idea, that is, how could he neglect his training in order to visit him lying in a hospital bed? So Zhao Qingshan must go back to the military Academy immediately. Father so taught his son, Zhao Qingshan even if he wanted to continue to stay in the ward, looking at his own full of gas Zhao Fu, breathless face not red, also had to obediently back to the military Academy. After successfully "kicking" Zhao Qingshan, Zhao's father turned his attention to his only daughter, Zhao Qingru. Zhao's father wanted to scold his own eldest brother, and continued to scold the one in front of him with a slightly different name. His temper was basically the same as his own. Every time the father and daughter were angry, eight/nine out of ten were daughters who were no different from those who were close to the Earth on Mars. But somehow, Zhao's father suddenly stalled, and I don't know if he knew that the reason why he was so lucky to save his life was entirely because of the inexplicable appearance of the vest. "Do you want an apple?"? Good for wound healing? Zhao Qingru saw that Zhao's father suddenly did not speak, but looked straight at her, although not guilty of doing that, in the end is not used to it. No way, in Zhao Qingru's impression, even if it is her mother-in-law, often get along with Zhao's father less than a quarter of an hour, the father and daughter of a war. For the time being, the probability of fighting is slightly higher than that of fighting, which is 0.9 percentage points. What's more, after changing the core, Wen Dou and Wu Dou seem to have been amused. As a last resort, Zhao Qingru took out an apple, a red Fuji apple, from the accompanying messenger bag. It's just that this apple is a little bigger than the usual one, and in fact it's already the smallest one in the pile of apples in Zhao Qingru's secret warehouse, weighing almost half a kilo. When Father Zhao saw the apple, his eyes flickered. Then he pointed to the bedside table on his right hand and said, "Knife, in the drawer." "No." Zhao Qingru turned into the small bathroom of the hospital bed, washed the apple, turned out a bright red Swiss Army knife from the satchel, and quickly peeled the apple. After peeling, Zhao Qingru turned out a clean aluminum lunch box from the drawer, then cut the apple into four pieces and removed the core by the way. There is no doubt that apples are sweet. Even the taste is better than any apple that Zhao's father has eaten before. Father Zhao, who already knew something, looked at Zhao Qingru with complicated eyes. After eating the apple for a long time, he slowly opened his mouth and said, "Little Ru, don't think too much about anything.". As long as your father is still here, they won't dare to do anything to you if there is a day in the Zhao family. I know. Grandpa, uncle and cousin Dahai all said that. Zhao Qingru obviously hesitated for a moment,Inflatable water park on lake, dragged the square stool beside him with his feet, and then sat down on his buttocks, in order to cover up the ups and downs of his heart when he heard Zhao's father say so.
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