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The Complete Works of the February River Emperor Series
Hearing Menzheng's report that Mu Zixu, the first class bodyguard, the new Jiangning Weaving Department, and the governor, was visiting at night, Ge Li was surprised and uncertain. At that time, it was already the fourth watch. Although Ge Li was reluctant, he knew that Mu Zixu would have a major event to see him. He hurriedly ordered his seventh aunt, the poinsettia, to dress him and wash up in a hurry and come to the custody room. He was taken aback when he saw Nian Gengyao, a guerilla from the Biaoying Camp in Xuanwu Lake, standing beside Mu Zixu. He calmed down a little outside the door and came in with a curtain. "This must be Brother Mu Zixu," he said with a laugh! Yesterday, my brother sent someone to the Jiangning Office to inquire about it. He said that he had come to Jinling to visit his old friend in less than half a day after he arrived at the office. So although he was anxious, he could not meet him. He thought it was a pity. Er, I remember that in the 19th year of Kangxi, my brother went to Beijing to report on his work. He had a chance to meet Brother Mu at Xihua Gate. Three years later, he was as elegant as ever, but I was much older. This person and person are compared, it is from where to say! As he spoke,gold shaking table, he sat down and ordered people to "watch the tea". Because Nian Gengyao was a subordinate of Ge Li, he hurried over to pay his respects to Qian'er and stood back with his sword in his hand. With a smiling face, Ge Li said appreciatively, "Liang Gong is the youngest officer under my command. He is only seventeen years old this year, and he has already made his mark.". Last year, Liu Tiecheng, a thief in Hongze Lake, was the first to rush into the defeated village. Did I remember correctly? Heard that you do not want to come from the military,sodium cyanide price, to learn from Fan Chengmo, take Jinshi fame? The younger generation is really awesome and its ambition is commendable! Mu Zixu looked at the uncle in silence. He was about fifty years old, with five long beards and a neat beard. He decorated his long face in a sanctimonious manner. Although he spoke with fervor and assurance, he never asked the purpose of their visit. Mu Zixu couldn't help thinking that all the feudal officials who opposed him had fallen one by one. It seemed that Ge Li was really outstanding, and he did not rely on his status as a national uncle. For a long time, Mu Zixu coughed lightly, leaned over and said, "It's a mistake for my brother to visit late at night.". But it's about the safety of the emperor's southern tour. My brother has a secret order from the emperor, so he has to do so. I hope he can make Taihai culvert! "What did you say?" "We're all slaves of the emperor," said Ge Li with a smile. "Aren't we supposed to be? Since your excellency has a secret decree, if you have any instructions, my brother will undertake it as ordered. "It's about the palace." Mu Zixu said lightly, "It has been found out that there are rebels entrenched in both Baishadu Temple and Pilu Temple, and the invincible general's artillery has been set up on the mountain to aim at the officer. My brother is not sure about such a huge case, tin beneficiation plant ,manganese beneficiation plant, so he has come to discuss with Taiwan and report to the emperor according to the facts." Ge Li had no idea that this secretive governor had come to investigate the matter. His face turned pale. He was stunned for a long time before he asked, "Is there such a thing?"? Too. Surprise-he, where did they get the cannon? Mu Zixu stared at Ge Li and snorted, "Yes, brother, I wonder where this cannon came from." For a moment he stopped talking. There was a great pressure lurking in the silence. Gray felt that it was more difficult than being tortured. At one moment, he was burning all over and burning all over. At another moment, he was as cold as falling into an ice cellar. Cold sweat trickled down his cheeks silently. Ge Li thought nervously: Suo'etu never used letters to get in touch with himself. Only Chen Xijia came to Nanjing to give him the opportunity orally and face to face. Yang Qilong came to the government office several times to discuss the assassination of Kangxi. He was also handed over by his confidant. He was innocent. Where did he come from? When Ge Li thought of this, he settled down, wiped the sweat from his head, and said, "The rebellion of the villains is so abominable that it makes me palpitate."! It's just how do adults know about this? It's really admirable to act so quickly! "If you eat the emperor's Dai Lu, you will naturally have to work for the emperor." Mu Zixu saw that he was indescribably frightened at first, and gradually his face calmed down. He was secretly surprised. He breathed a sigh of surprise and said, "Please meet a man on the stage. It's a friend invited by my brother tonight." With a gentle wave of his hand, Nian Gengyao strode out. Not for a moment, two soldiers with half-dead Yang Qilong came in, and Ge Li four eyes, and all dodged away. Mu Zixu got up and walked two paces. He took a sip of the floating tea in the cup with a covered bowl and said, "Ge Zhitai, let me introduce you.". The man's name was Yang Qilong. In the sixth year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi, he claimed to be Prince Zhu San in the capital. He gathered millions of Zhong Sanlang congregations and plotted to take advantage of Wu Sangui's rebellion to call himself Wang Fuming. He was also a king! Alas. At that time, I had no chance to see him in Gu'an, but later I met him in Niujie Mosque. How have you come to be so detestable-a most handsome young man! Although clever and clever, the mechanism is exhausted, but I don't know that the justice of heaven is long, and people who have lost their way can't escape! "You don't have to pretend!"! If a real man dies, his ears will die, and he will not be humiliated! Yang Qilong's eyes seemed to spew fire, "Yu let the lacquer body swallow charcoal, although frustrated, is also a man of honor!"! I'm much cleaner than you two, an exotic beast and a scum of the Han family! Yang Qilong left Zhili in the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi. With millions of yuan of wealth he had hidden in the past, he made friends with the heroes of the green forest and colluded with the ministers of the imperial court. He managed to have a decent situation in Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang for several years. I don't know how Kangxi got a glimpse of the secret. In an instant, everything became a bubble! Terrible! Had it not been for the fact that the stooge governor on the opposite side wanted to do things by himself and refused to intervene directly to help, how could he have been exposed so quickly? But Yang Qilong also knew that if Suoetu and Ge Li were left behind, Kangxi would be killed sooner or later. Yang Qilong while making up his mind, while coldly facing the three people with different minds, proudly tightened his lips. Are you a real man and a martyr? Mu Zixu glanced at Ge Li and retorted, "You're not a prince in the first place, but you're so stupefied that you deceive more than two hundred people to be the scapegoat. Bastard, look in the mirror. Look at you. You want to fight for the world with me?"? Say! Who instigated, who planned this plan to kill? How do you know the emperor will come to Ning in May? Red Cannon-Where did the four red cannons come from? Speak! The rapid-fire questions were harsh to Ge Li, but when life and death were at stake, he must be cautious in his words and deeds. Ge Li suppressed the great panic in his heart and crossed his legs to wait for change. But seeing Yang Qilong squatting on the ground with his clothes in his hands,coltan ore processing, he raised his eyes and said, "Kangxi was originally scheduled to come to Nanjing this winter. Later, he decided to make a tour of inspection in the south at the end of April next year. It was my detective who inquired about it from the Ministry of Internal Affairs." "Who?" "Yang Qilong is not a man who sells friends!" "What about the cannon?" ?
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