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Tales of Floating Life 2 (Book Edition)
"Yes, yes, Mr. Guo said that this activity is very meaningful, and we have to come back to write a travel note for each of us." The happiest was the daughter, who cheered in the room, "Yeah!"! That's great! You can take a big boat tomorrow instead of ballet lessons! The next day, a group of pupils in uniform gathered in the square in front of the wharf, chattering and chattering, and happily walked forward under the leadership of a young female teacher. Their destination was the Black Pearl, an ordinary medium-sized cruise ship in the city. The route of this cruise ship has always been fixed, along the south of the river, mainly for visitors to enjoy the scenery along the way, to return to the sea, the whole journey is about three hours. Today, in addition to 40 primary school students, there are also two tour groups on the Black Pearl, adding up to less than 100 people, so that the huge cabin seems particularly empty. This ship used to be called the Victory. After it was contracted, it specialized in tourist business. Unfortunately, because its facilities were not advanced enough, it was robbed of a lot of business by other luxury cruise ships. Even if the contractor changed its name to the Black Pearl, it did not have the popularity of Captain Jack. It could only rely on a few small travel agencies to bring some individual tourists and barely survive. Today's business is already pretty good. Originally, there was only one tour group, and then one more person was added. Moreover, the second tour group was particularly generous, and the contractor repeatedly called for good luck. At the sound of the whistle, the Black Pearl cut through the water and slowly left the dock. The most excited, of course, are the pupils, each of whom occupies a window seat, waving and shouting innocently at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window. The farther away from the dock, the more serious the female teacher's face, constantly reminding the students to pay attention to safety, looking at the men and women in the tour group at the back of the cabin, her face gradually lost the smile of spring breeze. She got up and went to the bathroom, took out her cell phone and dialed a number. Xiaowu,347 stainless steel, why is there someone else on the boat? Didn't I ask you to charter the whole boat? I don't know. I did pay them not to let anyone else on board! It must be that the other party sees money, and I'll look for them to pay back! All right, let's not talk about this. Anyway, you tell everyone to watch out for these people and don't let them mess up our big event. "Yes, boss." Time, like water, passes quickly. That evening, several events took place in the city. First, the parents of a class in a primary school collectively reported that the children taken out to play by the head teacher had not come back yet and had completely lost contact. Secondly, the principal of the primary school firmly denied that he had approved the activity, believing that it was only the private decision of the head teacher of the class. Thirdly, in view of the seriousness of the situation, the police went to the head teacher's residence that night to investigate, but found that the female teacher surnamed Guo was unconscious in her bedroom. After being rescued, Guo said that a courier had come to deliver the package three days ago. When she opened the door to pick it up, she smelled a strange fragrance, and then she was unconscious until now. She had no idea what had happened on the way. Parents did not believe it, saying that during the day they saw her take her children away in front of the dock, uns c70600 ,x70 line pipe, unrelenting, and the scene was once chaotic. Fourth, the Black Pearl is missing. 5 On the inky sea, the Black Pearl drifted slowly, all the engines turned off, and the huge iron shell moved with the water like a ghost without destination. The boundary between the night sky and the sea could not be distinguished, and the ship's searchlight, as the only light source, illuminated a very limited area around it. The vast expanse of white fog is sometimes light and sometimes thick, shuttling through it, and there is a kind of illusion that it is not in the world. The waves crashed over the side of the ship. There was no movement except this sound, and there was no other ship in the vicinity except the Black Pearl, and it was terribly lonely. Teacher Guo "stood at the bow of the boat, her long hair and dress flying against the wind, holding a porcelain bottle in one hand and tearing off the mask of human skin on her face in the other." Boss, it's all set. Xiaowu, dressed in gray clothes, stood behind her. "Besides the children, the people in the tour group were also drugged and asleep.". Damn, those people are all Japanese. They chattered all the way. Now it's quiet. Move them to the middle of the cabin, away from the window. Let Dafei and Honghong take good care of them, especially the children, and don't make any mistakes. "Shen Qiangwei threw the human skin mask into the sea, looked at the porcelain bottle in her hand, and raised the corners of her mouth." Who is the orthodox sorcerer? After today, it will be clear. " "Yes!"! It is high time for those who despise our one-page view to wake up. In terms of history, background and strength, which one of them can defeat them? The most arrogant is the white family that group of little animals, actually said that we have a page view'Lian Po old ', KAO! Let's just show them a page of real power and shut them all up! Xiao Wu said with great enthusiasm. Shen Qiangwei smiled, looked at the unfathomable sea water at her feet, put the porcelain bottle in her hand, silently recited a few incantations, threw the porcelain bottle forward, the bottle whirled out, and finally stopped in midair. Out! With a finger over her lips and a rebuke, she saw the porcelain bottle fall apart in an instant, and the red blood in it turned into a fine rain of blood in the air, and all of it fell into the sea. Shen Qiangwei put down her hands with satisfaction, sat cross-legged at the bow of the boat, and closed her eyes to rest. About an hour later, all the people on board who were still awake suddenly felt an unusual vibration, from weak to strong, coming from the bottom of the ship. The steady hull of the ship began to roll violently from side to side. Under the sea, huge shadows came from all sides, approaching the isolated Black Pearl. The smell in the air was getting heavier and heavier, which made people want to vomit. Xiaowu held his breath and endured very hard. At this time, the silent sea seems to be exploded, a huge wave of water rose, tens of meters high, followed by a giant snake-like object, blood-red eyes bigger than the headlights, open mouth spewing fishy black gas. Two rows of silver teeth shone with cold light, like sawteeth. The key is that such a thing, more than one, set off more and more waves, linked together,316l stainless steel pipe, has become a towering wave. Shen Qiangwei's face changed slightly. Xiao Wu opened his mouth and stammered, "Why?" Why is it so big?! "Do it!" With a loud cry, Shen Qiangwei jumped up and drew her sword from her waist like lightning.
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