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As early as when I was still in the third year of junior high school, the white pockmark was fired by the school. Because Su Peng discovered the kind of game between him and Shi Qiaoyu. It was Yang Zi's words that let Su Peng know this. When Yang Zi was led by Su Peng to go to Yau Ma Tei Town for a walk, he picked his nose and said, "Dad, the white pockmark and his mother were fighting on the bunk. He pressed his mother under his body and panted.." Yang Zi described the scene of the "fight" to Su Peng in detail, and finally said happily: "Later, the white pockmark was bored and fell beside his mother." The goat was very proud and felt that his mother was a winner. Su Peng took the sheep's hand and no longer went to Yau Ma Tei Town, but circled around the playground until the sheep's words were clean. That night, he went to Wang Qihan's house and talked until late at night. Su Peng has been promoted to a very important cadre in the county education Bureau, and is increasingly becoming a celebrity in the county education Bureau. Wang Qihan naturally dismissed the white pockmark without hesitation. But when he talked to Pockmarked Bai, he never mentioned anything between Pockmarked Bai and Shi Qiaoyu. Su Peng explained to him that this matter should be firmly concealed from the outside world. Wang Qihan's only reason is that the white pockmark often steals things from the school back home. Pockmarked Bai knew that the school was going to fire him and wanted to stay, but he knew it was impossible, so he didn't make any trouble. But before he went out, he shouted, "I know who wants me to go!" " The next day, Pockmarked Bai got on a ship and went to the county seat. He felt the gate of the Education Bureau. He stood there, with one trouser leg rolled up under his knees and the other covering his feet. He rolled up his sleeves and tied his clothes into the fat waist of his trousers, revealing a belt of his underwear. He looked like he was corrupting himself and others. When he saw someone, he said, "I was expelled from Yau Ma Tei Middle School. It was Su Peng who let me be expelled." He said I had sex with his wife, but I didn't. He did not shout, much less growl, but spoke in a mocking tone,deep draw stamping, as if he were telling a story to a bosom friend, and even grinned like a scoundrel. When he was tired of standing, he was like a bucket of water falling from the top of the wall and sitting on the ground along the wall. Seeing him, he waved his hand and still said, "I was expelled from Yau Ma Tei Middle School. It was Su Peng who let me be expelled. He said I had a day with his wife, but I didn't have a day!" These people, who were willing to listen, stopped to listen to what he said, and even turned around to see if there were any people around them that they should pay attention to,socket screw plug, and then asked in a low voice, "Do you have a day or not?" He smiled with a meaningful smile. "No day." Those who were afraid of getting into trouble immediately slid into the door like a white eel. A few of them had listened to it once when they entered the door, and when they got to the office, their buttocks had not yet warmed up their chairs, and finally they could not stop their interest and returned to the door to listen to him again. After a while, the people in the courtyard of the Education Bureau all became thievish, three in a group, two in a group, whispering. A confidant reported the situation to Su Peng. Su Peng knew that at this time he could not come out to fight hand to hand with the white pockmark, so he closed the door of the office and did not see anyone, hoping that the white pockmark would go away as soon as possible. But the white pockmark won't go. When he was tired, he went to the small restaurant across the street, bought a catty of meat buns, held them in a big newspaper, and returned to the gate of the Education Bureau. He put the dumplings on the concrete floor and sat there with his legs crossed, eating the dumplings and repeating the words to others. When he was full and uncomfortable, deep draw stamping ,car radiator cap, he got up and stood facing the gate with his hands akimbo, and his image became a flat teapot with two handles. He shouted, "Su Peng, I didn't *** your wife!" " And jump hard into the air. Pedestrians on the street stopped one after another, and in a short time, the entrance of the Education Bureau became a busy city. Su Peng had no choice but to dial a phone to his old classmate in the Public Security Bureau. After a while, a jeep came, jumped down two policemen, and twisted the white pockmark. Pockmarked Bai went to the ground and said, "Can't I leave right away?" The two policemen did not listen and dragged him into the car like a face bag. When he entered the car door for a while, he showed a big white belly that made women ashamed. Pockmarked Bai was locked up for two days and could not drink a mouthful of water. Finally, he got a belt and told him to be honest and go back to the countryside quickly. When he was released, he walked through the gate of the Education Bureau again. Seeing that no one was there, he said to the old man in the reception room, "Su Peng's wife, I'm sick. She wants me sick. It's not enough!" Finished, immediately walked away. Chapter 13-Pockmarked White 2 (2) White pockmark was very bored to mix a few days in the home, spent money to buy a set of household goods that make a shoe, repair a shoe, be suddenly changed, became shoemaker. Every morning at about nine o'clock, he waddled over with a burden, then put it under the school sign at the gate at the end of the main road of Yau Ma Tei Middle School, and sat on the horse, waiting for the students of Yau Ma Tei Middle School to come and mend their shoes. At that time, the entire Yau Ma Tei Middle School, probably only Du Gaoyang wore a pair of leather shoes, the rest were all cloth shoes. These cloth shoes wear easily, especially on our feet. Often new shoe goes up the foot, kick it-a week, toe cap shows toe to come, resemble the small eye that sees the world only. Step on it for another week, and there will be a hole in the sole of the shoe. Therefore, one of the things that the students of Yau Ma Tei Middle School often do in their daily life is to go to the shoemaker's shop in the town to mend shoes, or to make shoes, or to sew a semicircle of leather on the toe of shoes. Pockmarked Bai placed the burden at the school gate. When our shoes were broken, we all came to him to mend them. First, we were too lazy to go to town again. Second, Pockmarked Bai had cooked for us and was embarrassed not to let him make money. He knew that the students did not have much money, but they were always a few cents less than the shoemakers in the town. They were two cents for a palm, five cents for a piece of leather, and sometimes only ten cents. Sitting on the stool he brought, hanging his sweaty feet, talking to him and admiring his toes, it was a very comfortable time. At noon, the white pockmark does not go home to eat, by the family to deliver the meal, because at noon this time is our free time, he will have a lot of business. He stayed at the school gate all day, and when he urinated, he stood up,Magnetic Drain Plug, walked to the river a few steps away, lifted his thick artificial leather apron, and urinated into the river.
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