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Metal Finishing
Metal Finishing Who I Am, What I Can Do, What I Can Do Well Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Dalian Free Trade Zone, Liaoning Province, China, Yisen Energy is a world-renowned provider of energy technology solutions and surface hardening technical solutions, specializing in technical services related to oil and gas exploitation, research and development of oil and gas equipment, application solutions for system integration, and operation hosting services. The supercharged gas production and water-drained gas recovery system, the oil associated gas purification and recycling system, the laser cladding and 3D additive manufacturing system provided by the Company provide strong technical support for the efficient development of oil and gas. The surface hardening solutions, including supersonic and plasma thermal spraying, laser cladding and 3D additive manufacturing and hardfacing, beneficial to you in the improvement of performance and efficiency of your equipment and core components, and greatly improve and the great enhance of their service life. Following the spirit of "Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Splendid Achievement", the Company provides the most competitive products, services and solutions to solve customers' demand and pain points. It always adheres to the strategy of professional development, creates comprehensive solutions for intelligent and integrated oil and gas production and transportation, and leads the industry and repay the society with advanced technologies, perfect services, technology pooling and innovation models. Business concept: Provide the most competitive products, services and solutions to solve customers' demand and pain points The development, history, current situation and prospect of the Company The Company was established in November 2016. Energy Technology Design Center was established at the same year. It is engaged in the integration and service of clean energy system solutions. It has signed contracts for heat-power generation and coal-to-power projects, and led the construction and operation of LNG plants. 2018 Oil and Gas Technical Service Center was established. It is mainly engaged in the system integration and services for oil and natural gas supercharger and power solutions; In the same year, it signed a technical service contract for supercharged production with CNPC XXXX Sichuan Shale Gas Company. 2020 Additive Remanufacturing Center was established. It has operated supersonic and plasma thermal spraying, laser cladding and 3D additive remanufacturing businesses, and handle the remanufacturing and repair of failed parts of large-sized equipment in fields of oil and gas, steel, metallurgy, locomotive and shipbuilding. 2021 Bonded Processing and Maintenance Center was established. It applied for the import and export qualification of products and technical services, and set up bonded maintenance and service centers in Dalian, Tianjin, and Dongying Bonded Port to undertake bonded processing and maintenance business of overseas equipment. Map, address, and contact information Address: Room 1-1220, No. 9, Poly Tianxi, Dalian, Liaoning, China Phone No.: +86 0411-82442247Metal Finishing website:
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