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Legend of Menghua
Quiet, after a moment suddenly a low cry, seems to have a deep sadness, Xu Dingjiang and Chen Dongli heard are slightly some feelings, is it possible that they are lamenting other deaths? At this moment, Xu Dingjiang did not feel like an ordinary beast, but seemed to have a deep understanding of human nature. Thinking of this layer, Xu Dingjiang suddenly felt a little unbearable. If he gave them the snake cartilage to eat, wouldn't it be embarrassing to eat something wrong? Xu Dingjiang sighed and said, "Forget it. I'm just saying hello to you. Why don't you close the window?" Words finished, immediately a series of low roar, but also constantly grasping the iron gate, does not seem to agree, Xu Dingjiang can not see, can only persuade: "If not closed, was found not good.." "Dingjiang!" Chen Dongli is to see clearly, he suddenly surprised to say: "They hurt the bars..." I can't lock it up. Ga? Xu Dingjiang turned his eyes to the iron window in front of him and felt a slight movement in his heart. If he wanted to break through the iron gate, the only hole might be the flaw. But if he failed, it would not be good if he was discovered. Xu Dingjiang gritted his teeth and said, "I have to retreat for a few days. You can also practice." Then Xu Dingjiang waved to Chen Dongli and closed the bars. How can I have time to practice now? Chen Dong stood at attention and wanted to open his mouth, but he saw that Xu Dingjiang's iron window had been closed. He closed his mouth sullenly and turned his eyes, but he saw that the giant claws were constantly scratching the small window outward. As expected, the deformation of the iron window became more and more serious, but it would take at least ten days and a half months to dig out the two beasts, during which it would be difficult not to be found. Chen Dongli shook his head and thought,plastic pallet manufacturer, do you want to persuade them to stop "feet"? Let them go. Just as he was about to close the bars, an idea suddenly came to his mind. Chen Dongli suddenly called out, "Strange!"! Why didn't Uncle let me go? However, Xu Dingjiang has firmly closed the bars, naturally can not hear Chen Dongli's call, Chen Dongli had to be stuffy scolded two or three sentences, probably in the past with Xu Dingjiang contacts too close, always some can not get rid of suspicion, when it is really careless to make friends. In the dense forest more than 100 kilometers north of the capital,secondary containment pallet, the blazing sun shines through the branches and leaves, and more than 300 members of the Pai family are scattered around to guard against it, while in the middle is a group of leaders, the royal family of the Pai family, sitting in a small open space to discuss. At this time, Bai Tong changed his frustrated appearance a few days ago and stood up and said loudly: "We are going to hold our heads high and restore the glory of the Bai family in the human race.". Or do you want to stick to the old way and live in the dark? Now is the time to decide. Bai Xu looked at Bai Lang, who had been silent all the time, sighed and said, "Liu Li is really open-minded, but the blood feud of the Bai clan.." Is it really all over? Seeing that everyone was silent, Bai Tong waved his hands, which had already removed the bandages but had not yet fully healed, and said loudly, "Uncle is right, but even if we really retire, is there really a chance to make a comeback?"? In the human race, there is no room for us to exist, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, even if there is a place to hide, who can solve the problem of blood survival? After two more generations, I'm afraid there won't even be a royal family. Bai Xu was speechless, if before, Bai Tong dare to speak so loudly to Bai Xu, he did not slap down strange, but now Bai Tong, after all, is a great contribution, will be in a desperate situation to save the white family, Bai Xu is not much to say. Suddenly, Bai Xu found that the fifty years of persistence seemed to be a joke, Bai Xu said dispirited: "I am old.." It's up to you young people to decide these things. I'll go and talk to Shupan. As soon as he had finished speaking, he floated up and swept out of the forest. Uncle! In addition to the white waves, everyone shouted in unison, but saw Bai Xu as if he had not heard, the whole person with three points of desolation, two points of loneliness to float out slowly, everyone looked at each other, do not know what to do. Seeing this, Bai Tong said in a loud voice, "Uncle is right. It's up to us to give advice. Let's sit down.". ” Without saying a word, Bai Han sat down first. Bai Guang and Bai Mei looked at each other and were a little worried, but they still turned around and sat down. As soon as they sat down, Bai Min naturally sat down with them. Bai Lei was still standing alone. Bai Tong frowned slightly and said, "Ah Lei, what are you still thinking about?" "Ah Tong." Bai Lei turned around and said calmly, "You really made a great contribution to rescuing us from prison, but you know in your heart that we will be captured by Liu Ran's order because of your relationship." This remark was very honest, but it hurt Bai Tong's face. Bai Tong's face sank and he said, "Ah Lei, what do you mean by that?" "Nothing." Bai Lei turned around and sat down and said, "I don't have any opinion about the general direction in the future. I just point out a fact.." Although Liu Li and Chen Kang are kind to us, this kindness is not necessarily necessary. Bai Tong was quite angry from embarrassment, but he didn't know how to defend himself. Fortunately, Bai Guang said at the right time to smooth things over: "To be honest, in terms of the situation, Liu Ran is almost certain to be defeated. If it weren't for such a change in the situation, we might not have a good result." This remark made Bai Tong feel very comfortable. He snorted and said, "Exactly.." "But." Bai Guang went on to say, "Under Liu Ran's rule, we do have a chance to repeat the imperial Dynasty, but if the world is unified by Liu Li, with his shrewdness, this wish can be said to be very slim." "Liu Ran won't win anyway." Bai Tong said impatiently, "These are also white words, and." What about repeating the Dynasty? I'm not convinced to let that little guy be the emperor. "Ah Tong!" Bai Guang interrupted Bai Tong and said, "Don't talk nonsense." Before you decide, that's a bit of a heresy. Bai Tong curled his lips and refused to argue with Bai Guang on this matter. He looked up and said, "Anyway, I have finished my words. According to estimates, the North Army will attack the capital this afternoon. I will certainly go. If you really don't want to, I will take the people who are willing to go. Ahan, will you go with me?" Bai Han was stunned and said with a look of embarrassment,plastic pallet containers, "Let's discuss it together.." "Everything has to be discussed!" Bai Tong said loudly: "If you are so indecisive again, good things will turn into bad things." "Brother Tong." Bai Mei's soft voice rang out: "Don't be so angry, will you?" ?
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