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Knot Love · Strangers Meet Huan by Shi Dingrou [Modern Fantasy]
When Pippi is in a hurry, his mind is very dull, especially when it comes to numbers. After a long time of mental calculation, he could not get a correct number, and his backbone could not be more tightly attached to the cold wall of the well. She wished she could turn into a fossil and set it in it. At the same time, a few Liaozhai stories flashed out in my mind. Fortunately, the fox fairies in them were all positive and kind. However, the other story immediately covered up all the previous stories with overwhelming strength. Painted Skin. Pipi refused to recall the specific content of Painted Skin, licked his lips and forced himself to calm down: "If you want to eat me, you will regret it." "Oh?" Helan Jingting's tone was very light, but he still smiled. "Why?" "I have AIDS, and I bite when I'm in a hurry." Helan Jingting laughed so hard that he couldn't breathe. Taking advantage of this moment, Pipi suddenly raised his leg and made a gesture to kick, but he caught it quickly. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. He let go and sat down on the other side of the recliner, keeping the farthest distance from her in the bottom of the well. But the more he said that,smartboard for business, the more his voice trembled: "You … …" Keep your word, or. Are you deliberately teasing me? "We foxes are very trustworthy." "No, you are not a fox." "What can I say to make you believe me?" As if offended, Helan Jingting's tone was somewhat impatient. It's very simple. You change your shape and let me see. Helan Jingting smiled. I can't change. "I'll lower my request. You can show me the fox's tail." "I didn't." "Then you are not a fox." "That's right," Helan Jingting explained painfully. "After practicing,smart board for conference room, many features of my appearance have disappeared." "I don't understand." "Usually, foxes practice from top to bottom, so the tail is the last pass.". But I came backwards, so my eyes were the last one. "Why did you do it backwards?" I was born blind, so I had to do it backwards. And it's very slow. Who let me be disabled? "Don't fool me." "I'm telling the truth." "Well, what do you have to prove that you are a fox besides a heartbeat?" "I have a good sense of smell." "What's a good way?" When you got up this morning, you used nitidine toothpaste. Then you ate the fried steamed stuffed bun with mushroom flavor. You drank soybean milk. Then you go to the newspaper office. On the way, you accidentally step on a piece of banana skin. The subway is very crowded. You are crowded with a girl with Gucci perfume. At noon, you ate Saute Pork in Hot Sauce and fish porridge. You took good care of your teeth and rinsed your mouth again. This time, you used Caoshanhu toothpaste. Then when you're tired, drink strong tea, interactive touch screens education ,electronic board for classroom, cheap jasmine tea. Your coworker likes to chew gum. She doesn't like you and sticks it on your chair. You sit down to work and get some stuck on your pants. You still don't know it. Your job today is to organize files. You touch hundreds of pieces of paper from 30 different years. The smell of ink is very confused. You took the bus, and the bus driver smoked Yuxi cigarettes. You're hungry, you eat a lot of beef jerky and potato chips.. You've always had irregular periods, and hormones cause your smell to change, but I have reason to believe that you will have menstruation tonight.. "Helan Jingting, you dare to follow me!" "I can't see anything during the day. Can I follow you?" You can't see? Who knows if it's true or not? "Guan Pipi, a stupid woman like you, I don't want to waste my intelligence to deceive people." "Either you change your shape to prove that you are a fox, or you are a liar." "I'll take you home. That's all for talking." Helan Jingting suddenly grabbed her arm, suddenly jumped up gently, and took her out of the well. Hey, you jump higher than Liu Xiang. Why don't you sign up for the 100-meter hurdles in the Olympic Games? "Will you shut up?" “……” The atmosphere in the car is not right. Helan Jingting has been sullen. Pipi couldn't sit still, so he had no choice but to say, "What else do you eat besides flowers?" "I also eat people." "Funny.". There are chemical additives in everything we eat now, and we are not green food.. So I'm a picky eater. ” Then you don't like me, really. I had hepatitis. "Speaking of liver, this is my favorite thing to eat." "Then next time I'll treat you to stir-fried pork liver." Someone is angry. Pippi ignored him and went on to say, "Do you find that in this world, it's easy to prove that you are human, but it's hard to prove that you are not human?" The car braked suddenly with a squeak. Although he was wearing a seat belt, Pipi shrugged forward and was caught by the seat belt, and his ribs were strangled. Helan Jingting jumped out of the car and pulled her out of the car to a big tree. Suddenly, he stuck her neck with both hands and said coldly, "If I eat you now, will it prove it?" 11 In fact, without hands, Helan Jingting's gloomy eyes can cut off Guan Pipi's throat. But a hard thing suddenly poked him and made him take a step back unexpectedly. He looked down and saw something black but silver-edged against his chest. What is this "Sony recorder." Helan Jingting frowned: "Do you want to record?" Pipi nodded forcefully and made a gesture of anchor. He raised his voice and said, "Mr. Helan, how do you feel about being a fox for 900 years?"? Can you say it in one sentence? It was a main road leading into the city, and there were many cars on the road, with their headlights interlaced and their faces flashing like scanners. There were no pedestrians on the roadside, but an old man in a cotton-padded jacket was picking up garbage. Helan Jingting was stunned and then sneered: "It seems that you are really not afraid of me." "Not afraid," Pipi shook his head decisively, "where I used to live,smart board whiteboard, behind the crematorium, on the left is the martyr's tomb, next door is the wreath shop. I'm afraid of everything except ghosts. ?
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