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Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven
I saw a fierce gold silk sank into the magnetic domain field, and with it, the two warriors who wanted to be far away from the magnetic domain field today, their flying bodies suddenly stagnated. The two people connected with the golden silk, attracted by the golden silk, were gradually pulled to the magnetic field. Young master, help me! A celestial warrior shouted, looking at Shiyan with fierce eyes and shouting, "It was that boy who did it!" , Ning Ze did not make a move, but looked coldly at the changes in the field. When the two heavenly warriors were twisted into pieces by the magnetic field, he did not show any fear. He seemed to feel that the death of the nirvana warrior was nothing to him. However, when the gold silk released from the hands of the two martial artists today was also pulled into the magnetic field, and when they screamed together in panic, Ning Ze finally showed a dignified look. Small, heart! , At this time, Aiya and Caiyi did not care to fight with Shiyan. They drank together and flew to the front of Shiyan at the same time. One left and one right protected Shiyan and looked coldly at Ning Ze, who was coming quickly. Although Aiya and Caiyi were so ruthless that they wished Shiyan would die early, they knew the general situation and knew that if they wanted to defeat the warrior of the Heavenly Palace at this time, they had to rely on the gray tornado made by Shiyan. Therefore,aluminium coated steel tube, when Ning Ze moved, the two women also rushed to the stone immediately, to work together to protect him. Shi Yan, who wanted to make a move, saw the two women suddenly come in panic, like guards in front of him, suddenly grinned and shook his head and smiled, and the gathered strength was not in a hurry to release. So he stood behind Aiya and Caiyi and continued to manipulate the magnetic field. The golden silk released from the body chalk of the heavenly warrior is so evil and fierce that any body seems to be able to cut it. As soon as the golden silk falls into the magnetic field,impact beam tubes, it is stirred by the strangling power of the magnetic field, and its power soars in an instant. Anyone who falls into the magnetic field will be crushed by the golden silk. Looking at the gold silk that sank into the magnetic field, Shiyan was so excited that he made up his mind to collect as much gold silk as possible that had eaten gold silkworms for thousands of years. When this thing is used together with the magnetic field, it is simply a killing machine! Chapter 376 receive! The two girls, Aiya and Caiyi, stood in front of Shiyan with solemn expressions and looked at him coldly. They were afraid that Ning Ze would play tricks and kill Shiyan. In this battle, the key figures have changed, and the role of Aiya and Caiyi in this battle is not as good as that of Shiyan. Only when Shiyan is alive, the magnetic field can crack the golden silk released by these heavenly warriors. Apart from Shiyan, Aiya, Caiyi and Laurie brothers were at their wits' end. Ning Ze obviously saw Shi Yan's role in the battle, so he also stared at Shi Yan. When he swooped in, he raised his voice and roared: "Boy, if you dare to be an enemy of our Heavenly Palace, Cold Drawn Tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, no matter what your identity is, you will die." Shi Yan was indifferent and did not take Ning Ze's threat to heart at all. He continued to concentrate on manipulating the field and moving the magnetic field to deal with the other two celestial warriors in the Heavenly Palace. The two celestial warriors from the Heavenly Palace, with the golden silk released from their hands, were pulled into the field, and their bodies were pulled by the magnetic field, constantly moving closer to the field. The situation was not good. Aiya, since you resist, don't blame us for being ruthless. Ning Ze sneered, and suddenly there was a golden leather bag in his hand. The buckle of the leather bag was unbuttoned by him. A golden silkworm the size of a fist suddenly flew from the leather bag, grinning its teeth and turning into a beam of golden light, and rushed straight at Aiya and Caiyi. The fist-sized golden silkworm, with seven golden lines on its back, spreads its wings and flies, making a buzzing whistling sound, which seems to be able to penetrate the warrior's knowledge of the sea. Eat golden silkworms for ten thousand years! , As soon as Aiya and Caiyi saw the golden silkworm flying, their pretty faces suddenly changed and they looked extremely shocked. A circle of strange light formed by the arm ring suddenly spread from the body of the colorful clothes, and those strange lights rippled, like ripples, spread to the whole body of the colorful clothes to form a wonderful mask. When the strange light appeared, the colorful clothes immediately held their breath and opened their mouths to spit out a beam of silver light. As soon as the silver light came out, it immediately turned into a silver crystal sword with a long arm. There were many wonderful symbols on the crystal sword, shining and flying towards the flying golden silkworm. Court death , Ning Ze Hei Hei sneers, and the golden light flashes in the depths of his eyes, as if he were communicating with the gold-eating silkworm. The gold-eating silkworm, the size of its head, rushed into the strange circle of light on the side of the colorful clothes and hit the silver crystal sword hard. The silver crystal sword in colorful clothes was suddenly hit by the gold-eating silkworm, and the crystal light was scattered. The gold-eating silkworm immediately spit out a hard gold wire, which wrapped the silver crystal sword so that the crystal sword could not move. Colorful clothes beautiful eyes dim a minute, suddenly open mouth spurting a red blood crystal five fingers repeatedly change law, and the silver crystal sword entangled by the gold echo, to take back the silver crystal sword. However, the gold wire was extremely tough, and seemed to have some wonderful nature of eating gold silkworms. The silver crystal sword wrapped in the gold wire swayed in midair, and the crystal light gradually dimmed. The aura on the body of the sword seemed to be corroded by the gold silk, and the essence of the colorful clothes contained in it was quickly worn away. Ning Ze sneered and suddenly let out a harsh roar. The gold-eating silkworm flapped its wings and flew out, showing a bunch of dazzling golden light. In an instant, it broke through the circle of light from the colorful clothes and rushed towards Aiya again. Aiya also had a look of horror on her face, as if she could do nothing about the gold-eating silkworm. When she saw the gold-eating silkworm coming, she threw out a copper coin. Suddenly, there was a strong sucking force from the hole in the copper coin, as if she was going to tie up the golden-eating silkworm. The gold-eating silkworm spits out the gold wire again, and the gold wire, like a steel needle, penetrates into the hole of the copper coin in an instant and disappears. Ancient copper coins, emitting yellow light,cold drawn tubes, copper coins engraved with an ancient text, fresh on the copper coins, seems to enhance the power of copper coins.
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