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Hua Nuan, Vice President of My Kelu
Ever since that day Di Chih-ben and his father showed their discord in front of the media, the media has been reporting it as if they had found a treasure. Even talk shows have made a special topic to discuss the topic of entering a rich and powerful family as deep as the sea, discussing how many people live a hard and bitter life after marrying into a rich and powerful family because they are not loved by their elders. She even advised her not to end up with nothing in order to fly to the branches. It's true. The news is really boring now. There's really nothing to see. Pei's mother could not bear to see her daughter tortured by the media and took the remote control to turn off the TV. It's a rare vacation. Don't look at it anymore. "Mmm." Pei Yuetang just answered lightly. After that day's incident, the next day the media came to the door, which seriously hindered the operation of the clinic. She felt very sorry and had to ask Dr. Shao for a few days'leave. As for Di Zhiben, he went abroad on a business trip the day after the incident. The media said that he was exiled overseas to reflect because he annoyed the chairman by acting wilfully. Hum! I told you that kid was not a good guy. ?” Pei Dahai grabbed the newspaper and sat down on the sofa, commenting angrily on the bastard who bullied his baby daughter. Dude! Dude! An embroidered pillow !” "Have you had enough? You read it all the time." Pei's mother glared at him. It was all you, and you were full of praise for that bastard at that time, but what happened! Now it's like this. ?” "So what?"? People are also very interested in Yuetang. ……” When the parents were bickering with each other, the doorbell rang suddenly, and Pei Yuetang had to get up to open the door because he was outside the battlefield. But as soon as the door opened, the uninvited visitor turned out to be Di Fuwang, president of CMA CGM. Di Fuwang did not wait for her to speak, but went inside on his own,heavy duty plastic pallet, without even saying hello, and sat down on the sofa. Are you Pei Yuetang? Pei and his wife, who had quarreled so much on one side, stopped arguing at the same time when they saw such an arrogant and domineering guest. Daughter, who is this old man? Do you know "Pei's mother looks very unhappy." I'm the president of CMA CGM. Di Fuwang glanced at the middle-aged woman who did not know Mount Tai with displeasure and announced proudly. Who? Who is it? ? What president "Pei's mother is not easy to mess with. How can he be arrogant in his own territory?" "You!" He was about to lose his temper,wholesale plastic pallet, interrupted by a cold voice, when he was provoked so lightly by the obsequiousness of most of his life. Mr. Di, what's the matter? "Pei Yuetang winked at his parents and asked them not to interfere." "When are you going to finish your business with my son?" Di Fuwang decided not to talk to the country people, but to the target. " I'm here to tell you that I'm not going to admit you as a wife. "Just kidding!"! My daughter will not marry a son of a bastard like you, raised by a bastard father. "Pei Dahai's hot temper, which he had endured for a long time, finally broke out." Dad, I can handle it myself. She didn't want her father to get angry about his own affairs, so she stopped him softly. Anyway, my son can never marry the daughter of a small family like you. Di Fuwang, plastic bulk containers ,mobile garbage bin, who had never been so scolded, was also on the line with him. I'm telling you, don't dream of turning a sparrow into a phoenix. I've told Zhiben that as long as he's with you, he'll never take over Dafei. He won't even take a dime of my money. "Who wants it?"! What the hell is your son? !” "Dad." Pei Yuetang spoke again to stop his father's anger. He turned to Di Fuwang coldly and politely and said, "Mr. Di, if you have finished, please leave." "You!" Won't you say something against me? See each other a little girl is not angry. He still looked calm and self-controlled, which made him feel a lot of anger and have no place to go. I won't promise you to be together anyway! Put down the last cruel words, he was invited out this trip without even drinking tea, a complete failure. Pei Yuetang, on the other hand, quietly returned to the TV, as if nothing had happened. Looking at their daughter's calm performance, the Pei couple did not know whether to be happy or sad. How can their daughter be so calm when she falls in love? ?? ?? ?? ?? In fact, she is not calm, but thanks to Di Zhiben has a very eloquent friend Zhu Shenlang. She was a little angry that day when she learned that Di Zhiben had concealed from her that his father had found another partner for him. Not because of jealousy, but because of feeling untrusted, as if excluded. If it was something else, she wouldn't care, but no matter how indifferent she was about their feelings, she couldn't let it go. Fortunately, Zhu Shenlang was very good at comforting people, but told her that because he had never been in love, the way he dealt with his feelings was still strange to him, and he did not understand that this would make the girl sad. So she was easily convinced. In addition, he was so clingy and shameless to please her that she couldn't even get angry. Baby Yuetang, I have a good reflection today. Di Zhiben, who was "exiled" to the United States, made overseas phone calls every day to act like a spoiled child. Did you have a good day? "Ordinary." She answered lightly, listening to the phone in her room. Did you miss me? I bought a lot of things for you today. ?” He looked happily at the mountain of gifts in the hotel room and said cheerfully. You can't spend money recklessly. She knew he doted on her and wanted to buy her everything he saw, but it gave her a headache. I didn't spend money recklessly. Even if there is, it doesn't cost much. He felt very aggrieved,wholesale plastic pallet, but after a few seconds, the topic turned to other places and he was happy again. Yuetang, can you marry me when I finish my reflection? This isn't the first time he's said that. But she remained silent and did not answer. Now is not the time. She doesn't want him to rush into marriage because he has no sense of security.
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