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Doomsday Paradise
"All members, including the examiners and you candidates, must be kept absolutely secret; like the'body 'of the organization, we are the action force hidden in the darkness.". Only after becoming the head of the organization will he gain fame in the twelve realms and become the face of the organization to the outside world-in the twelve realms, I don't know how many people want to find out the strength behind the head, but no one has succeeded. “…… Is the position we are competing for the head of the organization? Qing Jiuliu saw him pause and quickly took the opportunity to ask. That's right. It's up to you to get there. Cintu nodded and then sighed unwillingly: "Of course, those of you who just joined are not qualified to know the name of our organization or who the leader is; now you have to complete as many trials as possible to raise your level." "Wait a minute," Qing Jiuliu hurriedly interrupted him-I don't know if this is the so-called "charm of the protagonist", when he opened his mouth, although he looked unhappy, he still stopped: ".. I have a question. Why does the new head not select from within the organization, but instead find some outsiders? "You'll know when you hear me out!" He waved his hand impatiently, "You always interrupt me like this, and the introduction I finally remembered is out of order!" …… It turned out that this set of introductions was all memorized by him,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, Lin Sanjiu thought silently. Out of breath, see Qing Jiuliu really shut up, thorn map continued to say: "Because of the need to maintain the secrecy of the organization, so we can not recruit new people on a large scale, resulting in the number of organizations has been in a state of slow decline.." The person who is qualified to be a leader must be the strongest in terms of intelligence, fighting power,water bottle packaging machine, mentality and so on. If he is selected only from within the organization, the leader will inevitably become weaker and weaker. Therefore, in order to make the organization strong, there is a system of examiners and candidates. There seemed to be some truth in it, and Lin Sanjiu frowned. The duty of the examiner is to find an excellent evolutionist to become a candidate, and then supervise the candidate to complete a series of trials given by the organization. At this point, he took a special look at Qing Jiuliu and saw that his mouth was closed tightly. He was satisfied: "Every time you candidates complete a part of the trial, your level will be raised by one level. Every time you are raised by one level, you will have the corresponding power to make various requests to the organization, such as visas and supplies." "You two are still the most junior level candidates, liquid bottle filling machine ,water bottling line, and the highest level is level 10.". After completing the tenth level of the trial, the final winner will become the new leader. The thorn picture said slowly-Lin Sanjiu wondered if he would forget the words if he said it quickly: "." But if you fail three trials in a row, you will be removed from the list of candidates. [] The unsuccessful candidates above the fifth grade can choose to become examiners or senior members; those below the fifth grade can either become grass-roots members of the organization or be obliterated by examiners. …… That is to say, the candidate system is actually another form of member recruitment? "Well, now the system has been made clear," the thorn picture seems to be very happy that he has finally finished this long introduction, ".. Next, I want to record your information. What are your names? "Qing stayed for a long time." Almost without hesitation, Kiyohuru gave his name-according to himself, there are at least two billion people in the world who know who he is as soon as they see his face; So even at the end of the day, he never wanted to hide his name-Lin Sanjiu could not help thinking that if he had met Ji Shanqing in the Mirror House, Qing Jiuliu would have died so early that he would not even have dregs. What about him? I don't know when to take out a pencil and point to Lin Sanjiu. He His name is Lin Daqiang. Lin Daqiang, the new actor, sighed in his heart-it seems that the best actor is not very good at naming. Did not think of thorn graph to nod instead: "This name is good, atmosphere, have the wind of the strong … …" What is your main ability? As the short man said, the examiners seemed to have a way to verify their abilities. Qing Jiuliu did not dare to tell lies. He honestly told both of them about their abilities. After hearing Lin Sanjiu's abilities, he did not hide his disappointment at all. He sighed and recorded both of their abilities. The last candidate was more capable. Alas, that's a pity. After the tattoo was finished, he didn't take out any special items to verify it. He just folded the note and put it away. Then he said to the two of them, ".." Candidates at the first level only need to record these two items, and then they need to supplement more information every time they are promoted. "What is the content of our trial?" Qing Jiuliu asked. …… The organization runs a number of businesses, one of which has recently been destroyed in the Red Nautilus world. Cintu frowned and said, "This business is very popular in the twelve realms. According to reliable information, the person who destroyed the branch point is a tall child. She is in this world at this time, and she will not be transported away for about ten months.". Your mission is to find this woman, kill her, and bring her body back to me. Lin Sanjiu's heartbeat, which was so intense for a moment, was so loud that she was even worried that she would hear it. "That's it?"? A tall son and daughter? Qing stayed naturally for a long time, as if he didn't know a tall woman at all. This condition is too vague, even if it is a needle in a haystack, at least I know it is a needle. How would you know it was her if I brought back a body like that? "The conditions are not ambiguous." "You're looking for a woman who is about 1.8 meters tall, who was just transmitted from the Red Nautilus two or three months ago,plastic bottle making machine, and who is about 25 to 30 years old.". She knew she might be being tracked, so she would probably be very careful; from previous work, we have determined that the target is within a radius of nearly a thousand kilometers. ?
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