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China Online Monitoring System suppliers KMPHM Wireless Vibration Monitoring System KMPHM(KM Prognostics and Health Management) is a key equipment that utilizes the Internet of Things and big data technology to focus on cement, chemical and paper industries. Real-time monitoring, failure prediction and health management can be achieved through real-time collection and analysis of the field equipment data. The KMPHM system uses BI technology to dynamically display the complete life cycle of the operation of the enterprise's key equipment, and provides diagnosis conclusions online in combination with a variety of auxiliary diagnosis methods. Enterprise managers can make decisions through multi-dimensional data analysis and multi-level data reports, effectively improving the efficiency of equipment maintenance and related staff. At the same time, the KMPHM system can inform the potential failure of equipment in advance, convenient management personnel timely intervention, thus reducing the cost of equipment maintenance, maintenance based on equipment status or on-demand maintenance and independent support. Different from traditional device monitoring and management software, THE KMPHM system adopts the SaaS service model and provides lightweight applications to meet the standardization or customization requirements of different users, greatly reducing the threshold and risk of enterprise informatization. Help enterprises quickly realize digital and information-based transformation. KMPHM - the platform focuses on petrochemical, rail transit, ship power, electric power, equipment manufacturing, coal and other industries, provides business functions such as condition monitoring, fault early warning, maintenance decision-making and production scheduling optimization for industrial equipment, and integrates solutions such as equipment operation state perception, data analysis and data decision-making. It aims to ensure the long-term, efficient, energy-saving and stable operation of enterprise equipment. Functions and features Large rotating machinery, reciprocating compressor unit and pump group are the heart equipment of process industry. They usually serve for a long time in complex and harsh environment. In case of failure, it may lead to system shutdown, production interruption, and even malignant accidents, which will endanger people's life and property safety. The direct economic loss is very huge, and the indirect loss and social impact are even more difficult to estimate. Through the deployment of monitoring and diagnosis system for large rotating machinery, reciprocating compressor units and pump groups, we can accurately grasp the operation state of the equipment, timely detect and identify the early fault symptoms of the equipment, further comprehensively analyze the conditions of the primary cause of the fault and the corresponding relationship of multiple causes and results, find out the initial cause of the fault, give the maintenance strategy and establish the maintenance result feedback mechanism. Purpose Monitor the operation status of equipment, reduce the intensity of manual inspection and improve the efficiency of manual management; Greatly reduce the occurrence of malignant accidents of mechanical equipment; Alarm in time, take measures in advance to eliminate the conditions of failure, reduce unplanned shutdown and prolong the operation cycle; Providing scientific basis for inspection and maintenance can avoid over detection or insufficient detection. At the same time, it can make the inspection targeted, suit the remedy to the case, reduce the cost of inspection and maintenance and improve the efficiency of inspection and maintenance; Ensure the long-term and stable operation of the equipment, improve the "potential" profit of the enterprise and enhance the market competitiveness of the enterprise. KMWG01 wireless intelligent gateway KMWG01 wireless intelligent gateway is used for on-line monitoring of industrial field equipment, and constitutes the core part of monitoring system with wireless intelligent sensor. It is mainly responsible for the construction and management of wireless network, and as the information channel between sensor and server, provide uplink and downlink of network data. Wireless sensor networks are especially suitable for industrial sites where equipment is scattered and cable laying is inconvenient . Features ??CE safety certification, no interference to the field instrument ??Wireless data transmission, can realize zero cable deployment, convenient and efficient ??Meet the requirements of microsecond synchronous acquisition of sensors to ensure accurate data analysis ??Ethernet, WiFi, 4G communication, convenient deployment, flexible application ??Grid wireless communication to ensure sensor redundant paths, stable and reliable Technical specifications Parameter Description Communication Communication2.4GHz MeshWireless grid protocol Communication distance300M??pen space, no shelter??/p> Number of sensors connected100 pcs??ax??/p> Server communicationEthernet, fiber, 4G, WiFi Power supply Power supply mode220V AC??OE Construction Dimensions300mm*300mm*80mm Weight6kg InstallationWall hanging and holding pole Environment Operating temperature-40??~ +70??/p> Storage temperature-40??~ +85??/p> HumidityMax : 95%RH SafetyCE ProtectionIP66China Online Monitoring System suppliers website:
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