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Abandon a concubine and kill an emperor
Her hand could have dodged, but the young man's cunning and scheming aroused her desire to conquer. Half a step forward, his left hand took his waist and pushed forward, causing the two men's armor to collide and rub out "Bang Bang!" Sparkle, whispered: "To me such a sinister woman to send an invitation, you want to say clearly!"! As for the mission to your country, let me report it to my mother before deciding. Aren't you afraid to reveal your identity when you are so sharp-edged? He was covered with the smell of men's sweat and the faint fragrance of dragon's birthday. His strong body, wrapped in bronze armor, was more masculine. He was surprised by her strong movements. She was stronger than him, who was in a very noble position. How could this be possible! He did not hesitate to kiss her lips, and was about to touch the two pieces of pink seductive softness, separating them by a white wall of light, which was the true gas she released. Not to be outdone, he used his own sea energy to break through the impassable white wall of light. Her smile is close at hand, purple eyes with teasing calm, let go of the hand, "so you are not learning true, nor martial arts, but the world's unique sea energy mental method." The lips he asked for a kiss gradually left, and he said angrily from embarrassment, "If it wasn't for your attention, how could I show my sharpness?"? You are a very insidious woman! Xuanyuan Yiting smiled and said softly, "Aren't you insidious?"? Knowing that in the array, people outside could not hear or see us, they took advantage of me and wanted to abduct me to the Western Qin State. "Humph! Your Royal Highness, you and I are each other." A tip-off: The prince of the Western Qin State is unparalleled. He is 18 years old this year. He has amber eyes and is very handsome. When he was ten years old,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, he left the palace with a strange man. He returned half a year ago. In a short time, he organized a night assassination agency among the people and got rid of more than 20 corrupt officials in the Western Qin State by means of thunder. In addition to a hundred miles matchless, who can not have such a double pupil, such momentum and repair for! Tonight, she could not resist the temptation to take the initiative to embrace him, but still said that he was taking advantage. She's a hot beauty. The matchless identity was seen through, and he was not angry. He looked up to the sky and laughed and said, "Ha ha ha!"! Since you and I are the same kind of people, we should get closer in the future. Remember,Carrara Marble Slab, I have promised you that if you don't come to Qindu to find me after the war, there are plenty of ways for a sinister man like me to invite you! Emphasize the word "please". The heart is very hate this naked threat, but the matchless ID card Xuanyuan Yiting had to scruple, he will eventually become the emperor of the Western Qin, see crazy from his eyes, if this man can't get her, I'm afraid he will aim at the clan with military force. As a result, she smiled and walked out of the array in a natural and unrestrained way. "Don't worry, the Western Qin Dynasty and my clan are neighbors. In this life, I will go to worship the king." If you want me to go, wait until you succeed to the throne! His eyes turned back to normal black, his complexion was deep, and he wiped the sweat from his forehead, followed the others closely, without saying a word, and returned to the humble appearance of QinBing. No one outside the group knows what happened between them. Nangong Xuanmo, who had always been the third, was still thinking deeply about the solution, Agate Stone Price ,grey marble slab, and the rest of the people were sitting on the ground breathing. Yu Wenxuan half opened her eyes and watched Xuanyuan Yiting send the holy fruit over. She looked embarrassed and stuck out her tongue. She said with a smile, "Sister, I didn't stay in the battle array for two hours. I feel guilty." Still stretched out his hand to take it and said happily, "I heard that the holy fruit can only be stored for three days. If I don't eat it, it will go bad." Take it in one gulp. She was afraid of being blamed for not bringing the holy fruit back to the Wolf God, so she said the three-day storage period. Ghost girl! Xuanyuan Yiting tapped her forehead with her finger. Duguye generously opened his palms, looked at him with admiration, and showed a sunny smile, "Sister, thank you!" Bai Liming suffered a lot in the battle array, all his strength was absorbed, his body was very weak, the clothes in his armor were soaked with sweat, his eyelids were too heavy to open, he smelled a fruity fragrance, he swallowed it with his mouth open by consciousness, for a moment, he was full of internal force, the cold air dispersed, opened his eyes, saw Xuanyuan Yiting cast his eyes with concern, and saw her golden armor. Remembering the appearance of another woman in the temple, he showed a rare smile in a trance. He exhaled, but his expression was still cold. He bowed his head and said, "This array is really mysterious.". I passed this pass! Seeing Ouyang Rongxuan arriving, Xuanyuan Yiting said, "This is the beach. It's not convenient to talk. Please follow me to discuss military affairs." Bring the crowd into battle again. The crowd followed behind her, and when they saw that the formation was different from what they had just done, they felt even more mysterious and had increased their confidence in winning the Sea Moon Kingdom. Apart from Zombie King, Fire Phoenix, Phoenix and Fengyu, Xuanyuan Yiting explained all the other strategies to the Three Kingdoms Allied Forces. Unity is strength! Bones Childe's plan is to use Lv Chong to disintegrate the Three Kingdoms coalition, she did the opposite, gave the coalition leader holy fruit, give them the confidence to win! After experiencing the power of Tianmen Array and hearing her plan, people were not only shocked by her exquisite Qimen Dun Jia, but also admired her outstanding military vision and far-sighted strategic thinking. According to her, the position of the coalition forces is relatively safe, and the number of deaths is at most one tenth of the total number! Of course, the three leaders of the coalition forces attach great importance to the mortality rate of the army. No one wants the soldiers to die in a foreign land. That night, Xuanyuan Yiting got rid of the spy and bought the heart of the leader of the allied forces with silver teeth and flame fruit. Nangong Xuanmo smiled, showing two rows of snow-white teeth, almond eyes shining, looking at the crowd to Xuanyuan Yiting convinced, can not help but secretly said: "Our Tingting is a wrist.". Nangongyun stood on the reef and watched quietly, recalling that the two teenagers behind Bailiming had just cast their jealous and envious eyes on them. The angle of the crescent moon appeared at the corners of his mouth, smiling from the bottom of his heart. His long lavender hair behind his shoulders was blown away by the sea breeze, jumping in the night with seductive enchanting. Across the mountains, ten miles away on the beach, Murong Xiaotian, dressed in silver armor, brandished a black reef gun in the moonlight. The gun was a gift from Xuanyuan Yiting. According to her instructions, he plated the head of the gun with a layer of gold and cherished it very much. At this time, as soon as she came to the camp, she gave him the bull tiger flying beast she had just got, and gave him the silver tooth flame fruit,Silver Travertine Slabs, but did not let him say a word of thanks, but said in a flirtatious tone: "After the war, you repay me with your body.". I like rude! ?
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