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A good wife helps the queen
She deliberately said she wanted to put the hair dryer back and get out of bed. Before he could reach down, Sheng Pu Zhou grabbed her wrist and threw her on the bed. Her hair, which was already scattered, was scattered. She opened her eyes wide and looked at Sheng Puzhou. Her face was particularly red: "I came to see you because I missed you very much. I wanted to see you, but I didn't want to do it." He tilted his head and looked at the wall. "The sound insulation here is not good." They are all rooms separated by partitions, and the next door can hear them when they speak loudly. Sheng Pu Zhou, kiss her, deliberately tease her: "Then let's be gentle." Song Lai: "…" Look at him angrily. Sheng Pu Zhou was afraid to annoy her, kissed her again, sat up from the bed, pulled her up for a moment and put her in his arms, let her back to him, this time it was his turn to put his chin on her shoulder, two big hands caught her hands and played with them, "not only is the sound insulation here not good, the environment in the room is not very good, I don't like it." Our first time must be in a very beautiful and romantic environment. He hugged her a little tighter and looked at her ruddy white ears in a gentle tone. "Tomorrow night, you get off work. I'll pick you up. Go to my house." The fragrance of Shower Gel on Sheng Pu Zhou's body is particularly good. He had her in his arm, and her heart was pounding all that time, and she Wan to have sex with him. Song Lai was not coy and nodded. Sheng Pu Zhou smiled. After a while, he kissed her neck. "I feel so happy to hold you like this." In the light, he hugged her a little tighter. "I'm not dreaming." "Probably not." Song Lai responded, bowing his head and pinching him on his thigh. Sheng Pu Zhou is in pain. Song Lai broke away from his arms and moved to a place not far from him. He sat cross-legged and spat out his tongue niftily: "I know it's not a dream." "I know." Sheng Pu Zhou rubbed the place she pinched, "I have to remember this account, and I will come back tomorrow night." Song Lai: "Should I consider whether to go to your house tomorrow night?" Sheng Pu Zhou: "If you dare not go, I will go to your company to kidnap people." He opened his arms. "Come back quickly and let me hold you for a while." Song Lai well, obediently past, to his arms after holding his face, "in fact, I also feel that I am dreaming.". I really like you very much. Three years ago, when I first approached you, I didn't like it, but when I approached you, I found that you were so excellent, and I fell into it. He is now wearing a white robe chest spring burst, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Song Lai looked at his good figure, small hand button robe, "how can you be so good ah, the figure is also very good." Her inferiority complex. I'll show you tomorrow night. Sheng Pu Zhou raised her chin with his fingers and kissed her again on her lips, his eyes shining, "You are also excellent.". Lai Lai, let's be together in the future. If you have something on your mind, just tell me. Don't think about whether you are worthy or not. When two people are together, there is only whether they are suitable or not, and there is no match. Song Lai blinked his eyes and smiled, holding his face and kissing him on his own initiative. The kisser is so clumsy. Sheng Pu Zhou can only regain his dominant position for a while. Kissed did not know how long, two people both fall on the bed to cover the quilt to close the eye to rest for a while, outside someone knocks at the door. Nathan asked: "Did you sleep, General Manager Sheng?" Song Lai opened his eyes in surprise and looked at Sheng Puzhou, who was still closing his eyes. "Nathan is looking for you." Sheng Puzhou, like a child, still hugged her with his eyes closed and hummed: "General Manager Sheng has gone to sleep." Song Lai laughed. "Why don't you open the door and ask him what he's doing?" She pulled the quilt up. "I'll get in and cover myself up." Sheng Pu Zhou opened his eyes and rubbed her head. "You don't have to get in. I won't let him in." He got out of bed, put on some clothes and opened the door a little. Not long. Come back. She put her clothes on the bamboo chair, got into bed, put her big hand to her waist, kept holding her just now, closed her eyes and said to her: "I have to leave at five o'clock tomorrow. There is a meeting in the company that has to be advanced from ten o'clock to eight thirty.". An executive is flying out of the country at one o'clock tomorrow afternoon to see his mother, who is ill. Song Lai looked at him who had lost a lot of weight: "Thanks for your hard work." Sheng Pu Zhou closed his eyes and smiled at the corners of his mouth: "It's not hard.". It's worth more than anything to come here and catch up with you. "He rolled over and suddenly turned off the burning bedside lamp." Sleep with me until five o'clock, and then go back when you wake up at five o'clock. " Not many people should have woken up at five o'clock. Song Lai nodded, "All right." After the bedside lamp was turned off, Song Lai felt that he had been attacked in the dark. Sheng Pu Zhou's hand touched her chest and pinched it, giving an evaluation: "It's so soft." She bumped her forehead against his chest in the dark. "Be serious." After sniffing and smelling the good smell of shower gel on his body, she took the initiative to lean into his arms again. The head rested on his arm. Sheng Puzhou chuckled and patted her on the shoulder. "Go to sleep." Song Lai: "Good night." — Song Lai fell asleep in a daze and felt someone kiss her on the forehead. In a blur of consciousness, the kisser then carefully lifted her head on the pillow and pulled her arms out of the bed. She opened her eyes in a daze and looked at the time in the dim light of the nightlight. It was half past four. Sheng Pu Zhou is wearing a white shirt with his back to her, and his good figure makes her drool. Song Lai licked his lips and at the same time looked at his arm, which she slept on last night, which should have been numbed and sore by her pillow. He had been pinching it all the time after he got dressed, and his mouth was slightly sad. She scratched her head and sat up. "Good morning." When Sheng Pu Zhou looked back at her, she asked him if he had hurt his arm pillow. Sheng Pu Zhou said lightly, "I just pulled out the hemp, and now it's much better." Song Lai does not believe, get out of bed to help him pinch, help him to fasten the shirt button one by one: "I will pay attention to tonight." Sheng Pu Zhou bent over and kissed her again: "You are so clever." Big hand on the top of her head, "sometimes do not have to be too clever,collapsible pallet box, coquettish willfulness can be." Sheng Pu Zhou handed her the tie, and Song Lai put it on him. "You can act like a spoiled child and be capricious. It depends on the occasion. If one day I find out that you are flirting with other girls, I will be jealous until I explode and never talk to you again." ?
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